If you have children, one of the most fun things to do with them is go on holiday. So many hotels have fantastic funfairs, waterparks and more for kids. Kids clubs are a great addition for both parents and children! If your kids are comfortable with being left, many kids clubs are a great day out for them. They get to have fun, play games – and also, depending where you are, meet children from different nationalities. This is a fabulous way for children to integrate with other cultures and listen to other languages.

However, sometimes the getting there can be a bit stressful. Depending on age groups, flights can be a complete nightmare. You need to make sure you are well prepared for it. If you are travelling with a pet, you need to be even more prepared.


If you have a small baby, then you know that you are going to have some nap times. If you can, schedule your travel time to the airport so that the baby sleeps all the way there. Then, in the airport, do some interacting with them, feed them – anything to keep them awake. I know you want to go to Pret – but keep your baby awake in the interminable wait in the airport and you will thank me later! When you get on the plane, feed them during take off and landing. This will help with the pressure in their ears. Hopefully, they will sleep. If they don’t – don’t feel too guilty. If its a night flight, why not take ear plugs for the other passengers around you – even if they don’t use them, it will make them feel kinder towards any screaming! Make sure you take enough food, snacks, toys and baby milk. If you buy too much, and have formula left over, Sell Formula here to make up for some of that holiday spend!


Toddlers are an easy one – as long as they aren’t too tired. If possible, pick a day flight. This way they will not be over tired. Pack a bag for them on the plane. Include snacks – no chocolate! Plain biscuits, crisps, raisins (age dependent) will be great for a distraction. Pack new and old toys. Give them a new toy wrapped in fancy paper at a time when you think they are feeling fractious. Don’t forget their favourite teddy – you can play a game of teddy looking out of the window.


Older kids will love a flight! They can fully embrace the whole journey. Start at the airport with printed out sheets of things they need to spot – a plane, a pilot, an air hostess. When they are on the plane, give them some activities themed to the destination. For example, if you are flying to Disneyland Paris, get some Mickey themed crosswords. Learn some French words – simple ones, that they can actually use. Then, in a restaurant, ask them to practice what they have learnt.