If you are trying to save some money on your holiday, your baggage allowance is one way to do it.  Depending on how you are booking, often baggage costs extra.  If you have booked a package holiday, most of the time a luggage allowance is included, but this article will still apply to you as you can use the allowance you save on shopping!

If you book DIY, (flights and hotel separately) you will always need to pay extra for your baggage.  Even the budget airlines now charge extra for a cabin bag, where you used to be able to take a 10kg bag on board with you.  Costs for hold luggage vary, but can often be as much as £40 per case, each way.  That soon adds up.  So, why not try sharing your allowance – Easyjet offer a 15kg or 23kg option, which should be enough for two people or even a small family to share.

So, here are some tips on how you can travel light:

– Bring clothes that are easy to mix and match.  Tops that can be worn with different bottoms on different nights. 

– Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane so they don’t take up space in your luggage.

– Wear your walking shoes (trainers etc) on the plane and don’t go overboard on the number of pairs of shoes you are taking

– Buy your toiletries at your destination and leave them for housekeeping when you leave.  This applies for everything except suncream – its usually much more expensive in the hotel shop.

– Use your carry on bag for extra clothes as well, making sure you check the airline’s size restrictions and of course don’t take liquids on board

– Check what you don’t need – usually towels will be provided, for example

Packing for a holiday is a task that many people find difficult. You need to make sure you have everything you need, without taking too much and without forgetting anything. It is also important to plan ahead of time so that you know what you are going to need.  In other words – make a list, and tick things off as you go.

Use packing cubes to get the most out of your kilograms – you can roll all your clothes and they will fit perfectly.  The added bonus is that as you are sharing, you can have a set number of cubes each.

If you are worried about being a bit boring and always wearing the same thing on holiday, a great way to change it up is by using jewellery to change the outfits.  Jewellery is light and can even be packed carefully into your shoes, or your carry on bag.

I love Daisy London for beautiful, statement pieces that you can pick to match your holiday outfits.  The packaging is gorgeous too – rings come in a lovely little fabric pouch that will easily fit in your luggage. 

A ring like this one is perfect to add glamour and fun to an evening outfit – it can be as simple as you like because all the attention will be on the ring!  It feels beautiful on too.  Team it with a gold necklace like this one, and you’ll have the perfect look.

Take some silver jewellery too for posh lunches or beach barbecues, necklaces like these will be the ideal way to lift a casual outfit.

Packing your case can be a tricky job, but with our tips, and some really great jewellery options, you should find it easy!