An increasing number of people are turning to the internet for travel advice and information. This has led to a rise in the numbers of travel bloggers and travel influencers.

A travel blogger is someone who, for an online audience, blogs about travel experiences. This website is a travel blog, and we use it to help you to choose your next holiday. It might be that someone is searching for a particular hotel review – Google will lead it to this website, and you can then read our true review of the hotel. It often really helps to know what other people think of you place you want to go to. Of course, you can use Trip Advisor, but often those reviews are short and sweet. You need something more for real research.

A travel influencer is someone who has a large following on social media or blogging platforms and often promotes products or services through their channels. This doesn’t mean that they are promoting something they don’t believe in. Generally an Instagram influencer will have taken lots of time to review the trip or destination they are showing. They usually take loads of videos and post them on their grid, and as stories. Try doing a hashtag search of your hotel name to see what comes up.

The idea behind this type of blog and social media account, is to provide content that will inspire other travellers to do the same thing – whether it’s travelling to an unknown place for the first time or simply exploring family roots by going back to old places again. Your favourite celebrity or social media influencer could give you some really great ideas. Even if they are staying in more expensive hotels than you can currently afford, you could bookmark them and save for the future – or, if you like the surroundings, look online for a more budget friendly hotel.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next holiday, then you can use travel websites. These websites will help you to find new destinations and give you information on what to do at the destination of your choice.

The best way of using these sites is by exploring them yourself. You can use these sites to search for the type of holiday that you want (e.g., beach holiday). This will bring up a list of destinations that match your criteria. You can then keep adding new criteria (e.g., cheapest flights) until you find the perfect destination for your next holiday