Coming back from your travels, whether it’s a seven day holiday or a few months backpacking, is always hard.  You have all these great memories, but you have to get back to normal life, including cleaning your house, food shopping (and eating normally!) and of course, the dreaded going back to work.

Its really important that if you know you are likely to feel a bit down, make sure you have planned your activities for your return.  If you know you will have to get up early after a late flight, book that day off too, if possible. 

The other great thing to do, is to make sure your home and working space is as welcoming as possible for your return.  Make sure that its been tidied before you leave, and get the washing sorted as soon as you can.  Coming back to a lovely clean house is a real advantage!

If you are currently working from home, either due to the pandemic, or because your company has switched to hybrid working, you have a real benefit. It means you don’t have to face the rush hour or worry about public transport.  But, if you are working from a corner of the kitchen table, or perched on the edge of the sofa, it won’t be conducive to a relaxing working space.

Lets have a think about the perfect home office, so that when you DO have to come back from holidays, you know you have a great place to work from.

The first thing to think about is the location. It’s important to find a space that you like and that has enough room for what you need. If you have a spare room, this is the ideal – think about building a garden room or even converting a garage.  If not though, try to find enough space somewhere in a quiet room for your equipment.  It needs to be away from banging doors and children.

After finding a great location, it’s time to think about the furniture. Furniture is essential for creating a productive work environment and there are lots of options available. The most important thing is that it fits in your budget and matches the style of your home office. The perfect home office should have the following features:

– An executive desk with plenty of storage space – make sure you measure the space you have to check what size you need.

– A comfortable chair to sit in while you work – do not consider dining chairs or cheap plastic desk chairs.  They are fine for kids, but not for permanent home working.

– A filing cabinet or some shelves so that you don’t have to worry about clutter around your workspace

Once you have these three key items, you can build your office around them.  Personalise your office with trendy pictures and art pieces.  If you have room, you could even add a small sofa so you can move around a bit if needed.  Depending on how far away the kitchen is, you could even consider a small kettle and snack fridge. 

We hope these tips have helped create the perfect home office that you will be proud to come back to from your holidays.  After all, working is what makes us able to go on all these great holidays!