Okay so its not necessarily going to be chasing the sunshine! But during the pandemic more and more people have enjoyed staycations in the UK. There are lots of advantages of a staycation – no waiting around in the airport, no Covid tests, and the ability to choose exactly where you want to be.

If you are considering a staycation, you have a few options on style of holiday. You could book a caravan or cottage, a hot tub lodge. However, have you considered hotel hopping?

Decide what areas you want to visit. Depending on season, you may want to visit some beaches, in the hope that the British weather plays ball. So, look for some lovely beaches in your chosen area and then start searching for hotels near to them. Its basically a cross between a road trip and camping, but with hotels and not tents! The first thing to do is decide on your budget. Remember to account for food and drinks too. I would recommend picking perhaps 3 hotels in a week, and hotel hop your way down the coast. Look for reviews on restaurants and cafe’s in your chosen area. Also, do some great picnics along the way.

My suggestion is that you pick two cheaper hotels and then one really nice one at the end of your stay. I remember a great hotel hopping holiday in Wales where were stayed in Travelodge’s all week then stayed at Tewkesbury Park at the end. It made a great week even better knowing we had a fancy hotel to go to. I would say that Travelodge’s and Premier Inns are perfect for this type of trip. You know what you are getting, and you have a great customer service history if you do need to complain. Premier Inns often do great buffet breakfasts so you can fill up for your long day out. If you are going to seaside towns, remember to check on parking fees. If you are prepared to drive to the beach then there are often Premier Inns outside towns that are cheaper and don’t charge for overnight parking.

When you are at the cheaper hotels, why not make them more luxury by taking along some high end treats. Order a graze box to take with you, of meats and cheeses. Get some personalised champagne to surprise your partner, particularly perfect for an anniversary or birthday weekend.

Another option for the hotels are the many B & B’s around – just make sure you check reviews on Trip Advisor!