One of the best ways to build up the excitement for your upcoming holiday is to start packing! Are you an organised person who packs way in advance, or are you a last minute packer who then forgets things?

The most important thing to know is your luggage allowance, depending on the way you are travelling. This could be in kg on a plane, but if you are going in a car or by bus there are going to be limits on how much you can carry.

For the purposes of this article, lets say you are flying to your dream destination. So, you need to check your booking confirmation to see how many kg you have! Its important! Then, pop to a pound shop and buy a travel luggage scale. You do not need anything more fancy than this. Just always give yourself a spare kg for emergencies!

When you are preparing to pack, think what you will use. If you use a heavy hard sided suitcase, your kg will soon go. However depending on what is in your case, you may need it.

Make a list. Write down everything you think you will need, then go through it and see if you really will. I used to take 7 pairs of shoes on holiday, one for each night. That is unrealistic as usually you end up wearing the same pair or at least just a couple. Take a pair for evening, a nice pair for daytime walking and of course some flip flops.

We make sure to pack for the weather. So check the forecast before you go! If its likely to be rainy, take some long sleeves. If you are going to Lapland, obviously you need to wrap up warm!

Also, take an extension lead and one travel plug. this means you can charge all your devices and you only need one adaptor.