In this article, we will share ideas on keeping kids entertained when they are travelling. However excited the children are to go on holiday, there is always a wait. Lets think of some great ideas – you can even use them in the evenings or for any down time during the holiday.

Travelling by car

They can read a book on the way. Make sure they don’t get car sick! If they do, this isn’t an option. But reading is such a great idea on a car journey as it can really pass the time quickly.

On long car rides, they can create their own games like I Spy or Twenty Questions. They will enjoy this more if they play it with other children or family members.

You could create a colouring book with pictures of where you are going for them to colour in, as well as crayons and paper for them to use to make their own drawings and pictures. This is especially fun for young children who like crafts.

Travelling by plane

Here we have one of the longest waits, depending on delays. You could drive an hour to the airport, then have to wait up to 4 hours before you even get on the flight. We have some great ideas for the children once they are on the plane, but what about in the airport?

Chances are, the airport will have WIFI. So, all you need is your phone, laptop or tablet, and your child will be set for the whole time you are there! I’m not suggesting they should be browsing the internet or anything like that, you need to be completely aware of what they are doing online. However, they could use a website like without any risk. There is no need to download anything, no need to sign up, and best of all, its free.

There are games galore to choose from. I would use the search box to try to find games tailored to your destination, then bookmark them. I loved this beach game where you have to find all the hidden items in a certain time. We played this and had a competition to see who could find them all the fastest.

Another great game for travelling is wordsearches, this page has loads to choose from! I loved the Scooby Doo themed wordsearch. They are great for learning as well as fun! If you want a purely fun game though, you are spoilt for choice. This rapids racing game keeps you far too occupied – you might even miss the plane!

The most important thing to do when you are travelling with kids, is to keep them happy – remember to play with them and involve them in the planning, and the journey itself.