So, you are on your long awaited family holiday.  Its great!  Beautiful destination, great food, wonderful scenery. 

So why are you still on edge?  It can be completely natural that even on a much desired holiday, that spending so much time with your family will bring you some stress. Many people look forward to the idea of a holiday but they often find themselves too worried about what they should be doing or how it will go. This can make a holiday less relaxing and enjoyable than it should be. In order to relax on holiday, you need to take your time and not worry about external factors. It is important that you don’t over plan as this will only lead to frustration and disappointment.

Its completely normal to feel hemmed in by your family on holiday, and you should plan to take some time out for yourself, so that the time you do spend together, is quality time. Schedule your day or week so there are breaks for you so that you can stop and take care of yourself if needed.

Take it easy – literally just take yourself off to a secluded part of the beach, or back to your room, and have a well deserved nap.

Stay active – go for a long walk by yourself.  The endorphins will help elevate your mood, and you have the bonus of seeing new things while you are walking.  Why not listen to a podcast or audiobook at the same time.

Do something new – take yourself off, and distract yourself.  Don’t use social media, but why not learn a new skill?  Play some online games that you didn’t already play.  Try out this golf solitaire game which really takes some learning.  It will completely distract you and provide you with some great downtime. 

If you are feeling really confident, try the tripeaks games on the same website.  Its all free, and no downloads means no viruses – so just use the hotel Wifi and play to your hearts content.  You can even then use the skills you have learn to play the games with your friends and family later on, with real cards!

Read a book – too often we all buy books but don’t have the time to actually read them.  A holiday sun lounger is the perfect place to do this.  The beauty of it is that you can put your earphones in and listen to music, and your family are far less likely to disturb you – until lunch that is!