Where is Costa Rica and Why Should You Go?

Costa Rica is a Central American country and the only Spanish speaking country in the region. It is popular for sport fishing, surfing, and it’s lush jungles.

The low crime rate and outstanding healthcare system make it a great choice for an extended holiday. The feeling of being close to nature will make the long flight time completely worth it.

The country has become a popular tourist destination due to its array of natural landscapes, wildlife, and eco-tourism opportunities that create an unparalleled experience for travelers from around the world.

What are the Best Things To Do in Costa Rica?

The question of what to do in Costa Rica is not difficult to answer. There are many things you can do but I will highlight some of the best.

First, visit the Arenal Volcano. It is located in the northern zone and it is one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica. You will definitely want to see it while you are visiting the country. Next, go see a live volcano at night called Volcan Poas. The mountain is open only at night so you should plan your trip accordingly. Then head down south and visit Manuel Antonio National Park for some beautiful views and wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Lastly, take a boat trip on Lake Arenal which has an active volcano underneath it!

The best thing to do in Costa Rica is to experience the rainforest. So if you have the chance, go on a boat ride through the rainforest.

What is the Climate like in Costa Rica?

The climate in Costa Rica is tropical, but it varies depending on the region. The country’s climate is influenced by Pacific currents.

The Pacific trade winds are responsible for most of Costa Rica’s frequent rainfalls. These winds originate from the northwest Monsoon season, which lasts from December to April.

How Safe is it?

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with some risks people do not think of. The public transportation system is unsafe and many people are scammed when they visit the country. Although the country has its beautiful beaches and rainforests, There are also many risks people do not think of when they are planning their trip. The public transportation system is unsafe, so travellers are advised to hire a private driver or rent a car. Just be sensible – if you are going to an all inclusive resort, you will be completely safe. If you are trekking through a rainforest, make sure you are with a guided tour, that you have checked reviews of. Trailfinders have some great trips that will make you feel like you are in the jungle and experiencing the true Costa Rica, while keeping you safe.