If you have your own travel business, whether that’s an online agency or a business that sells travel services, then we know you are very busy!  People just love holidays, or adding great activities to their holidays – we know that as we do it all the time!  Booking a holiday online yourself is great, but if you are a travel agent then you want the custom yourself.  However, it’s a great idea to spend most of your time on marketing, and building relationships with your customers – and try to find ways of automating many of your day to day tasks.

That way, you can concentrate on the more difficult work like getting customers, and fixing any of their issues that might come up when they are on holiday.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a way of doing this.

The term artificial intelligence was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy. The term is used to describe a machine’s ability to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence.AI is a branch of computer science that focuses on the creation of intelligent machines that can think, learn, and act. It is also called machine intelligence.

AI was first developed in the 1950s and has been developing exponentially ever since. The goal of AI is to create a machine that can emulate human intelligence and then surpass it.

There are many examples of AI in the world. One example is the AI that helps doctors diagnose patients. This type of AI is called a diagnostic advisor. Another example is the AI that helps people with disabilities to live an independent life. This type of AI is called a personal assistant robot.

AI can help people with disabilities live an independent life by assisting them in completing tasks they cannot do on their own. For example, it can remind them to take their medication or put on their clothes for the day or turn off lights when they leave a room, and so on.

The first example of AI in marketing was IBM’s Watson which was used in the 2012 presidential election to predict swing states and voter turnout. IBM’s Watson is now being used by companies like Unilever to find consumer insights from social media data.

Travel agencies are using AI for various tasks. For example, some of them use chatbots to help their customers book flights and hotels. Others use AI to predict the best time for booking a trip or to find the best deals on flights and hotels. 

Companies like Industrial Vision Systems can help develop machines that will do all the hard work for you.

AI is also used in marketing travel packages. It can take data from multiple sources and create personalized offers based on customer preferences.

It can be used as a recommender system to recommend flights, hotels and restaurants for customers. It can also be used in the customer service department to answer queries and provide advice around the clock, negating the need for out of hours staff.